The SMAA was founded to offer legitimate certification and the very highest standards for education and training excellence in the martial arts.

Membership is NOT open – we are very selective about those we affiliate with.

Practitioners of sport – based arts need not apply. The SMAA is interested only in those who adhere to the textbook definition of the word “martial.” According to Webster:

1) Of, relating to, or suited for war or a warrior
2) Relating to an army or to military life
3) Experienced in or inclined to war, warlike
4) From Latin martialis for Mars, the Roman god of war

Those whose training reflects the above may be candidates for SMAA membership. All potential members must be sponsored by a current member in good standing and be an individual of outstanding strength of character and unquestioned integrity with a strong dedication to, and a clear understanding of, the true essense of the martial arts.

To be considered a current member in good standing, one must:

1) Have met, trained with, and be personally known to an SMAA Officer
2) Have been evaluated in person and certified by an SMAA Officer
3) Be active within the SMAA (attend SMAA events, etc.)

Potential members must provide complete background information and must also submit to the very highest level of scrutiny to confirm said information. Evaluation of paper documentation may not be sufficient to establish one's credentials so in order to secure a membership position, more extensive research and a physical examination is often warranted.

Unless an individual is sponsored by a current member in good standing, or makes the effort to get to train with one of the SMAA officials and earn their sponsorship, SMAA membership is not an option.

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