SMAA Rank & Instructor Certification

SMAA membership does not automatically allow for certification of one's rank. This is a completely separate process that will be very thorough and exhausting in scope.>

All candidates for any form of SMAA certification will be held to the highest possible standards – very few will actually complete the process. But those who do receive SMAA certification can hold their heads high, knowing that they have what it takes, and are part of a small, but elite group.

Other Martial Arts Organizations

While there are a few martial arts organizations that share our strict philosophy and desire to uphold high standards, most are simply diploma millls - interested in pacifying posers and collecting money.

Buyer beware...this is all too common in the world today and it is much easier to gain membership and certification with this type of organization - all it takes is money.

On the other hand, no amount of money will gain an individual ANYTHING they haven't truly earned (the hard way) within the SMAA. We operate ONLY on the principle of "nec sorte nec fato" which means, not by chance, nor by destiny, but by hard work.

Quality, not quantity, motivates us...

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