The SMAA was founded May 1, 2008

After years of struggling to reverse the destructive influence of corruption, unethical promotions, certifications, and policies regarding questionable (quite possibly illegal) accounting practices, several top leaders joined together to form the SMAA in an attempt to reset the moral and ethical compass of the martial arts.

It soon became apparent that very few people actually had the drive to put forth any effort to help guide this endevor, unfortunately.

This was made all to obvious when the opportunity presented itself for these individuals to return to the tainted and corrupt organization they previously left. Once Pandora's box has been opened, it cannot be shut, and all the good intentions in the world cannot alter the misdeeds, unethical practices and corruption of the past. And yet, they all scrambled to return to the place they had previously condemned.

The SMAA pushes on - adhering to the very highest standards in all the martial arts. Leaders of genuine integrity will not settle for less, and will certainly not allow their names to be associated with anything of questionable reputation.

About the SMAA
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